*Each engineered hole has space for your preferred skinny eyebrow pencils to be inserted.  

*The design makes it easy to tighten and loosen your favorite eyebrow pencils for quick placement and adjustment. Secure the pencils in place lightly, avoiding over-tightening to prevent damage.

*Begin by determining the width of the thickest portion of your eyebrow: slightly adjust the screw to position the pencils higher or lower to achieve your desired width.

*Starting at the thickest part of the brow, gently form a top and bottom edge. At the arch of the brow, angle the bottom of the Brow Tool towards the outer edge of the face to create tapered lines with the two eyebrow makeup pencils.

*As the Brow Tool is turned, the pencil lines narrow to the end of the brow.

*Use an eyebrow makeup pencil to fill in, shape, and brush your eyebrows.

*Complete your look by using an eyebrow mascara, whether it's clear or tinted.

Your Brow Tool has just whipped up some seriously stunning brows that are totally symmetrical and oh-so full!