Videos and Instructions

*Each engineered hole has space for your preferred skinny eyebrow pencils to be inserted.  

*Easy tightening and loosening design allows favorite eyebrow pencils to be quickly placed and adjusted.  Lightly secure the pencils in place and do not over tighten.  Too much pressure may cause damage to the pencils.  

*Start by defining the width of the thickest part of eyebrow: slightly loosen the screws to adjust the position of the pencils up or down to create your desired width.  Once your tool is set, you're not going to have to change it until you change your pencils. 

*Begin at the thickest part of the brow, lightly creating a top and bottom edge, at the arch of the brow, turn the bottom of the Brow Tool ™  towards the outer edge of face to taper the lines of the two eyebrow makeup pencils.  

*As the Brow Tool ™ is turned, the pencil lines narrow to the end of the brow.

*Simply use either eyebrow makeup pencil to fill in, shape, then brush your eyebrows.

*Finish the look with an eyebrow mascara, either clear or tinted.

Your Brow Tool ™  has just created beautiful, natural looking brows that look symmetrical and full!